I feel the Earth move under my feet!

I am usually one to go to bed at a decent hour but I decided to make an exception for the blood moon last night.

I heard it was very majestic and magical, however I couldn’t see it because the skyline was covered with clouds. I have been reading people’s posts and enjoying the pictures, despite not being able to see it myself. 😦

Since I had stayed up later than usual, I figured I would make the most out of missing the blood moon by watching an episode of one of my favorite shows: Supernatural. It airs at midnight on the Warner channel here in Guatemala and recently they played an entire 8th season marathon, so I was current with all the episodes.

It didn’t quite make up for not seeing the blood moon, but it would hold me over until October 8th when the next one comes around.

Being somewhat satisfied and content, I drifted off to sleep with dreams of super natural happenings invading my brain. Then something happened that woke me up from my deep sleep:

The bed started shaking and I could hear the house rattling. I woke up instantly and it seemed like part of my dream had become reality. The house was obviously being over-ran by evil spirits and I was right in the middle of it! I thought to myself: “Argh, ghosts in my house? I don’t have time to deal with this, I have a lot of work to do tomorrow!”

In my half awake state, not fully understanding what was happening, I started to crawl out of bed to line my windows with salt. Before I could place my feet on the ground, the shaking stopped. Had the evil spirits decided to move on to another house? Did I still need to salt the perimeter, because that just makes a mess.

My dear friend Katterine messaged me an instant later and I had woken up enough to realize what had happened.

There was an earthquake!
(Just a little guy, 4.4 magnitude with the epicenter near EscuintlaGuatemala, 62 km below the surface)

This is the first time I had experienced an earthquake and it only lasted a matter of seconds. From what I was reading the report came in at 2:50 am and it was only a few minutes afterwords that I could feel the seismic wave. While I was somewhat intrigued by what just happened, Katterine did not share my same curiosity!

It is just amazing to me the shear power of something happening far below the surface, hundreds of kilometers away can still be felt as if it occurred right next to your home. I’m glad the first one was nothing too traumatizing and there were no reports of any accidents/injuries. Although all the dogs in the neighborhood were in shock and barking for several minutes afterwords 🙂