1000 Word Wednesdays – April 23th 2014

These kids are eager to the join the ranks of great metal drummers.

These kids are eager to the join the ranks of great metal drummers. Johnny Metal Drummer always has one loyal fan! Give that girl a guitar and let her shred.

When we were working at the store in Puerto Barrios, we would receive cargo containers with random products on them. Our job was to sort through these goods and inventory them. It provided some excitement because we were never certain of what we would find.

The first container we had inventoried in our POS system arrived in February 2013. When digging through one of the pallets, I found this wonderful gem!

Now it looks like your average, run-of-the-mill children’s drum set but it is much more than that. Inside this package holds the power to join the ranks of metal drummers across the world. Drummers from bands like Children of Bodom (Lake Bodom), Blind Guardian (A voice in the dark), or Metallica (Master of Puppets).

My friend is a big metal head, so I showed him the drum kid and we had a good laugh about it. I am secretly hoping there is a kid somewhere in Guatemala playing the little drum set while head banging to some metal.

I’ll be keeping my eyes (and ears) peeled over the following years for up and rising Guatemalan metal bands, all thanks to this “Metal Drum Set” (: