Maundy Thursday Procession

The procession of Maundy Thursday could be heard for blocks as the marching band refused to yeild! (and do you recall what was revealed? :P)

And for sticking around for all those pictures, here is a bonus picture of this awesome guy riding a white horse.

I asked him "Puedo tomar su foto?" and he stopped, posed and said "Gracias" hehe

I asked him “Puedo tomar su foto?” He stopped, posed, and said “Gracias”


A whole lot of pictures from Maundy Thursday (Part 2)

Some pictures from inside of the Cathedral of San José

Moving to the Hospital/Church of Hermano Pedro

Onward to the San Francisco Church! Unfortunately, I couldn’t enter because I was wearing shorts and that was against dress code. So I took some pictures from the front door and around the market area.

And all through the town, there are decorations filling the streets!

A whole lot of pictures from Maundy Thursday (Part 1)

After my Maundy Thursday post yesterday, I went around Antigua to enjoy the festivities and take a lot of pictures! I have about 70 some photos, so I’m dividing this into two parts! Without further ado (or words!):

Pictures of the central park and all the people in the streets of Antigua

Checking out the La Merced a few blocks from the Central Park!

Welcome to Thursday. Maundy Thursday

As we approach Good Friday, people are preparing for the conclusion of Holy Week and jumping into Easter!

Today marks the Mass of the Lord’s Supper (aka the Last Supper) and inaugurates the Easter Triduum! Traditionally, private mass is forbidden on this day and the only mass to be held is in the evening to celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

Churches around Antigua will begin services at 4 or 5 pm and conclude with exposing the blessed sacrament around beautifully decorated alters. The streets will be filled with people coming to enjoy the marvelous event! (And I’ll be there to capture some pictures)

People around the old city have already begun decorating the streets for the weekend! It is fun to watch people make these designs on the streets, layers of sawdust, pine leaves, various fruit and flowers to complete the decor. Hours of work to create a beautiful piece of artwork that is only seen for a couple of days. Talk about dedication!

The real celebration begins tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll be updating the blog a little later in the evening or on Saturday morning, depending how long I feel like celebrating! I’m getting pretty excited and will be posting a lot of pictures so stay tuned 🙂

Purple banners hanging all over town

Purple banners hanging all over town