Play that music, DJ!

The Daily Music Hours starts at 9 am!

Do you hear that music? What’s been happening in my neighborhood during the month of may!?

See the store here! (Also enjoy the music video)


What’s been happening the past two weeks?

It’s been a while…

…since I have made a post, but I’m finally getting some free time again, so I wrote a quick update of what happened the past two weeks!

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1000 Word Wednesdays – May 7th 2014

Diapers and a free bowl!

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Perspective – What do you see?

A “view” on Perspective

Look at some photos of La Antigua to gain a perspective of what you see and what is actually around you.

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1000 Word Wednesdays – April 30th, 2014

1000 Word Wednesdays – April 30th, 2014

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