Holy Week is upon us!

Today marks the beginning of Holy Week (called “Semana Santa”). Well technically it started yesterday with Palm Sunday, but I like to think the week starts on Monday 🙂

Here are some pictures of what antigua looks like on a normal weekday:

So what does this mean? For the past month, Antigua has been going crazy on the weekends. People everywhere and celebrations throughout the old town, all in preparation for this week! There is live music, dancing, and vendors selling delicious specialty treats and merchandise.

This week starts off with Holy Monday which leads into Holy Tuesday, Holy Wednesday, and Holy Thursday. There are special prayer services starting at 6:30 am in the San Francisco church, followed by Holy Mass.

In town, there are beautiful carpets on the ground and purple banners fly on all of the buildings. Purple saints can be found wandering all over the city, welcoming people to experience Holy Week.

Once Good Friday rolls around, the church celebrates the adoration of the cross. In previous years this has started at 3 pm. The streets are filled with people to enjoy the procession!

Holy Week all concludes with Saturday de Gloria. There are processions throughout the day and the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus at 10 pm. If I have learned anything about Guatemala in the time I have been here, it’s going to be one of their biggest celebrations of the year, and fireworks will be going off for hours.

I will keep my eyes peeled for the festivities and keep you posted throughout the week (with lots of pictures, of course!).