is live!

Buenas tardes! Guten Abend! Good afternoon!

I’m excited to announce that my domain is up and running. What does this mean?

1. First and foremost, all of my blog posts will now appear on I will still post links to my blog on here as a portal between the community and the self-hosted wordpress domain. But the posts will still be about stories from guatemala, current happenings and adventures in antigua, and useful information for the traveler who wishes to visit Guatemala.

2. Links! I added a link page to my blog and will add links to blogs I follow. If you are interested in adding your blog to my page, just leave me a comment and a short description of what you want to say about your blog on the link page. I always enjoy finding new blogs to read from a wide variety of topics (I basically just love to read) so don’t be shy 🙂

3. Updated pages. I added a few pages to the site. You can check them out when you stop by. I encourage discussion, and suggestions are always welcome!

4. Reader. I’ll still be checking the reader to see what people are posting with the blogs I follow!

Thoughts? Concerns? Advice? I’d love to hear it! And I’ll see you at blogemala!

Have a great day!