1000 Word Wednesdays – April 9th 2014

So much awesome, I am not sure how we contained ourselves

So much awesome, I am not sure how we contained ourselves

To understand the fashions in this picture, you must understand the people involved:

To the left we have Carolyn, rocking her Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back t-shirt with a pair of black jeans (which are so terribly uncomfortable on a hot day. If you have ever worn these types of jeans on hot day, you know exactly what I am talking about. They are weaved from demonic material that is designed to make you miserable). Noticed her crimped hair as well. She was obviously prepared for some sort of theme party and pondering the presence of large logs.

Next to her we have Trista. She’s enjoying the theme party by sporting long leggings and arm sleeves. To complete the costume, she incorporates the classic white dress.

There is one problem, however. People want to take a picture, but Trista doesn’t have time for that. She is hungry and there is pizza. The formula is quite simple for Trista: Pizza > Other things (including taking pictures)

Then you have me. I was not prepared for anything. My costume is basically a bunch of random clothes from my closet that don’t match and look terrible. But in my lack of clothing coordination, I have competed the theme. Thankfully the era of said theme was favorable for lack of coordination and terrible styles.

On the far right, we have Chance. He is ready for action! His outfit features a staple of the party theme: Cut off jeans. Now normally I would say that men should never wear cut off jeans, but Chance’s pose in this picture really accentuates the better qualities about those cut offs. The outfit is complete with a denim jean jacket, which has a nice furry collar to keep you warm during the long South Dakota winters.

And last but not least, we have Large Log. Large Log was not aware he was coming to the theme party as he was grabbed from the back of my car moments before entering the house. He stills makes the best of it however, by showing off his bare bark skin. It’s a risky move in the fashion world, but Large Log has been around for longer than any of us. His experience had allowed him to find a balance between risky/over the top and cutting edge.

You can see I am in deep thought about Large Log. I was skeptical about his importance in this shoot. Mostly I thought what we were going to do with him after the party.

Would we start a campfire and cook some hotdogs?
Would we whittle him in a neat little statue or figurine?
Could we use him as a night stand?
If someone tried to break into the house and crash our party, we could use him as a weapon!

Ultimately, when the night ended, Large Log was never to been seen again. He had his 15 minutes of fame and faded like a shooting star. He will be missed!

I hope you enjoyed this fashion review, come back next Wednesday for another picture with a fun story!

By the way, can you guess the theme of the party? (other than birthday party from the banner hanging in the corner)