About Trentles

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. I like to write about adventures. Currently I am adventuring in Guatemala. All the adventures put together make up a life.


Blogemala v2.0

I was tired of finding plugins that weren’t working the way I wanted, so I spent the last month running head-first into php, css, and wordpress syntax.

Now that I have figured out what I wanted (and them some), I can focus on updating again 🙂

Some slight changes to Blogemala.com are here!


Typical Guatemalan Sundays

Earthquakes and Bribes

Ok, so maybe it’s not a typical Guatemalan Sunday. But there is news about former president Alfonso Portillo and the earthquake that happened three hours ago!

Head on over to Blogemala for the full story 🙂

Play that music, DJ!

The Daily Music Hours starts at 9 am!

Do you hear that music? What’s been happening in my neighborhood during the month of may!?

See the store here! (Also enjoy the music video)

What’s been happening the past two weeks?

It’s been a while…

…since I have made a post, but I’m finally getting some free time again, so I wrote a quick update of what happened the past two weeks!

Click here for the full scoop!

A schedule for Guatemala

Setting a schedule for Guatemala

Learn how time in Guatemala operates a little different than what you may be use to!

Click here for the full story (4 pictures)