It was a “Good Friday” (Evening) in La Antigua

After a few hours of walking around and craziness, I decided I needed a break. I stopped at one of my favorite little coffee shops (Cafe El Portal)  and enjoyed some delicious refreshments!

Two of my three favorite things in the world. The only thing missing was my dear sweetheart Katterine! Still the best Q37 I spent all week though. :)

Two of my three favorite things in the world. The only thing missing was my dear sweetheart Katterine! Still the best Q37 I spent all week though. 🙂

Feeling revitalized, I stopped to see what was happening in the Central Park, as a large crowd had gathered.

Even more revived from the sweet melodies ringing through the air, I looked at my pamphlet and tried to find where the procession had gone. It actually wasn’t overly difficult to find it because people were flocking to where it was going. I just followed the crowd and stuck to less busy streets until I found it (enjoying beautiful street art along the way).

I finally found a street that was just moments ahead of the procession! I set up shop, grabbed a snack from the tienda on the corner and prepared to take more pictures!

Look at all these neat little floats! The big floats were just around the corner!

It was starting to get late at this point, so I decided to head back to the park and enjoy some delicious food. From the pamphlets, the procession would conclude where it started, so I just had to wait for it to come to me. See next post: It was a “Good Friday” (Night) in La Antigua


9 thoughts on “It was a “Good Friday” (Evening) in La Antigua

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      • I always make sure to take some time to relax at the central park after a long day of exploring the old city. I’m a sucker for all the beautiful fountains (:


      • A bit of a wall-flower? Or just enjoying the art of sociology in real time? hehe
        My favorite place was “Cafe el Portal” on the second floor in the corner. I always had a great view of people coming to check out the bulletin board, or the random couple that were definitely enjoying their vacation as it would be 2 in the afternoon and they were already three sheets to the wind! 😀


      • Oh not a wallflower at all. Putting my degree to good use. I am trying to remember the places around there, I am bad with names of places. Saw a few drunk ones while there 🙂


      • Cafe el Portal is right off the central park in that long stretch of storefronts. It’s one of my favorite places because of the tiramisu! (and the cheese cake is delicious too).
        I actually didn’t know the name of El Portal for the longest time, so I just made up a name. I kept calling it “The Hidden Tiger” until my friend said “You know that place is called El Portal, right?”

        So do you have any interesting stories from your adventures of sociology in Guatemala? 🙂

        I recall a man who was with three lady friends. The guy was drunk and walking around aimlessly within a small part of the bar. He would start talking to one of the women and without even interrupting their own conversations, they had their backs to him no matter where he tried to stand. He would say something and they would shun him. He ordered a beer every 15 minutes or so. I thought he was just harassing them at first, but one of the ladies finally talked with him and suggested they all leave. It was about noon at this point! He was definitely enjoying his vacation 😀


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